Our team

There is no secret behind our success but teamwork. Individually every member of our team is excellent, but as a team we are invincible.

Ashikul Islam Tamal

Founder and CTO

As the Clan leader, he knows how to bring the best out of his team members. He acts as a mentor, not as a boss. He sees good in people and values new ideas. He has a clear vision of his goal. From his long experience as a web-developer, he apprehends the requirements of his clients and makes his decisions proactively. He cares about his client’s business and drives his team to get the best outcome for his clients.

Sourabh Paul

Chief Creative Officer (CCO)

He is the Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer who is very self-assertive, enthusiastic and hard working.His expertise in managing online pages, digital marketing and community management. He believes that everything can be redesigned with your own creativity.

Tanvir Alam

Digital Marketing Consultant

This man has a persuasive voice and a multitasking mind. He is a team player with a positive outlook. He has long experience of working in the digital marketing sector. His ability to think strategically and understanding of clients digital need, drives us in the right direction. Overall, he has in-depth knowledge of what he does.

Chowdhury Md Rajib Sarwar

iOS developer

Proactive, innovative and laborious iOS developer, experience in building cutting-edge iPhone, iPad applications to meet user needs. Key contributor to all facets of the software development life cycle, including requirements identification and analysis, application architecture, design specifications, programming, testing and deployment. Strong collaborative, interpersonal and communication abilities to achieve seamless cross- functional cooperation, as well as to facilitate optimal knowledge sharing and project excellence.

Mohammad Shamim Sarder

Creative Graphics Designer

He is the man with an ever-friendly smile. He knows his craft well. He enjoys working with colors and patterns. His primary focus remains on user friendly design. He understands the client’s perspective and designs which fits best to the client’s need. He is ever ready to bag new skills which keep him up to date.

Shibly Islam

Creative Designer & Visual Content Developer

He has a passion for graphic design. His greatest pleasure comes from creating color harmonies in Illustrator. He is speedy and efficient and he takes pride in his work. He offers high quality creative services with a variety of skills.

Md. Mustafa Kamal Hossain( Sabbir)

Web Apps Developer

He is a challenge taker. He has the ability to solve complicated problems with simple and unique ideas. His expertise on Joomla, Wordpress, and raw PHP makes him more hungry to learn more and improve his skills. He has a long experience of developing web applications and working as a backend developer. As a person, he is humble, always ready to help others.

Md. Afsar Uddin

Front-end Developer

He is a skillful web developer who works with passion and integrity. He is ambitious and ready to take new challenges. He has expertise on HTML 5, CSS3, JavaScript, Jquery, Angular Js, PHP and more. He loves what he does and has long experience in his field of work.

The Spider

Backend Developer

A passionate web developer working professionally for 5+ years. The Spider comes with an in-depth knowledge of developing complex systems while keeping performance & security in practice. Skilled with PHP for scripting & MySQL for Database Management, The Spider is equipped with Advanced JS, jQuery, JSON, HTML & CSS to communicate with server from frontend & to represent the data processed in server to the user.

Al-Amin Hasan Nirjhar

Creative Content Writer.

He loves to see things differently. He is a dreamer. He is always hungry to do creative works such as creative writing, online content creation, photography, Short-film making, and so forth. He loves to take challenges and learn new things. He believes that if one can dream big, he can do big.

Saddam Hossain Bhuyan

Jr. Query Manager

He is a hard working team player. He has the quality of maintaining a very good professional relation with the suppliers and the customers. He has a genuine understanding about his field of work. As a Query Manager, he is prompt to take necessary decisions and always ready to push his own limit.

Mustaq Alam Siddique

Freelance Photographer

He is a freelance photographer and cinematographer. He always focuses on perfection. He is technically sound and creatively enriched. He never compromises with the quality of work.