5 years of experience

"Our aim is to provide better IT service in every sphere of your life and bring you to the clan of IT"

ITclan is an uprising IT support provider with a bunch of people from different field of expertise.

We offer quality web service such as website designing and developing, E-commerce service, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Digital marketing, video editing and 3D animation and also provide software management system to all kinds of businesses in order to compete in the digital world.

Our clan had been freelancing for the last few years and has gained much experience working with national and international clients.

Why choose us

Quality is always our first priority. Quality is not a choice, it is a duty to us. We have a team consisting of dedicated members who are ready to go beyond limits to ensure supreme quality in our works. To ensure your desired quality, we provide customized services which fit your business best.

In Einstein’s word,” Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.” Our creative wings will fly you to the next level. Creativity is a key to your success when the competition is so tough. Who can look differently to a common problem, can find an exceptional solution of it. Uniqueness alone can uphold your business far higher than your competitor’s.

We value relationships, not things. Our relationship with our clients is precious to us. We try our best to satisfy our clients with quality services and to add value to their purposes. We value our clients’ privacy and give our best effort to protect secrecy.

Reliability is not a thing that can be built in a short period of time. It is the other name of trust which is to be achieved in lieu of continuous quality output. By working with different clients with their crucial concepts, we have already established that strong ground where you can step on safely.













I believe I am not an entrepreneur rather a solution provider for the society. These small solutions, collectively, will bring a massive change on this planet. IT Clan is just a small part of this big revolution, and we are performing our job with dedication and perfection.

Ashikul Islam Tamal
- Founder and CTO.